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Cryptoknowmics 2022-05-19 12:43:39

NEAR Technical Analysis: Risk Of The Fall to $4

Seven weeks of relentless NEAR price falling are tickling the nerves of even long-term investors. The loss of buyers’ control over the $8.5 range has exacerbated NEAR cryptocurrency. In the previous analysis, we allowed the fall to fall into this range, but sellers were much more aggressive. And although the global trend line that buyers have been keeping since November 2020 is still relevant, the persuasiveness of sellers is alarming. Over the last seven trading weeks on the NEAR market, trading volumes are the highest in the history of its trading. This means that the global sale of cryptocurrency continues. Given the closing of the weekly candle from 9 May, there is no certainty that sellers will stop there and will not try to update the local low. So now you need to closely monitor the range of $5. If buyers can not keep this mark – you should think about the breakdown of the global trend line and test of $4. Keeping the $5 range will allow buyers to start a new growth wave with the final target of $8.5. As long as this mark is under the control of sellers, we will not predict the prospects of the NEAR cryptocurrency. Technical Analysis Of NEAR On The Daily Timeframe Analyzing the movement of NEAR price on the daily timeframe, we can see the weakness of buyers. If on 13 May large buyers were still fighting for their future and trying to take co...

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