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NewsBTC 2022-05-17 04:10:18

Careful with Your Discord Server – It May Not Be as Secure as You Think

Origin Protocol’s co-founder Josh Fraser pointed out some of the popular platform’s vulnerabilities Ever since its founding in 2015 as a tool for connecting and communicating with other gamers, Discord has very quickly established itself as the de facto community communications platform of choice for blockchain- and crypto-based projects and businesses of every conceivable type. From exclusive, invite-only Discord servers for NFT collections to airdrop and insider news communities, countless blockchain, NFT, crypto, DeFi, and Web3 projects use Discord as their go-to community engagement and marketing platform. Unfortunately, many server security issues, hacks, compromised accounts, and other privacy problems on Discord have plagued the platform. Josh Fraser, a co-founder of Origin Protocol, recently highlighted many of these issues in a Twitter thread that he posted to educate the general public about the potential hazards of using Discord. To begin, Fraser says that unauthorized third parties can gather many insights into the internal workings of different projects on Discord because the Discord API leaks the name, description, members list, and activity data for every private channel on every server. Since many crypto projects use private channels on Discord for many different needs, such as collaborating on as yet announced partnerships, product launches, exchange listings, and more, it is incorrect for anyone to assume tha...

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