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Cryptoknowmics 2022-01-22 17:30:26

Dogecoin Investment in India: 5 Tips to Remember Before Investing

Dogecoin has gained unprecedented popularity in recent times. With this, the crypto market value is fluctuating like never before. What started with a mere joke has hit a record peak in earlier weeks. Dogecoin being a cryptocurrency was developed in 2013 by two developers known as Billy Markus(who worked at IBM) and Jackson Palmer (who worked at Adobe). Here is a quick rundown of all that you should know prior to making any investment in terms of Dogecoin. 5 Tips to Remember Before Investing Below mentioned are some of the tips you need to keep in mind before investing in Dogecoin. Volatility The first and foremost that an investor must take care of is the volatility of Dogecoin. For the first 6 months, the price of Dogecoin was not stable. The curve has been fluctuating drastically. It reached 0.70 dollars in an instant. As per a report of December 2021, the valuation of Dogecoin is 14.0572 dollars. The current volatility of dogecoin is 74.62 percent. If we consider the list of the past 7 days it stands on 22nd position out of 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of volatility. Several people are now investing in it which is one of the main reasons for its growth in popularity. This huge increase in price hike may make the investor go cash out. Influencers The status of any cryptocurrency is greatly affected by its influencers. A single tweet from an influencer can change the market of cryptocurrency. The same goes for dogecoin. For...

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