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Safle Review – Bringing Your Identity Back Into Your Hands

The concept of digital identities has gained popularity following the debut of modern-day technologies such as blockchain. Safle, a next-generation non-custodial wallet, is one of the projects currently leveraging blockchain to bring identities back to the hands of users. Unlike the centralized and federated identity models, the Safle ecosystem introduces decentralized identities, giving crypto users control over their identities and data. While the crypto market has grown exponentially, users have limited options of non-custodial wallets. Meanwhile, the ones that exist have proven to fall short in some areas. For starters, most of the current non-custodial wallets are limited to specific blockchain networks, making it hard to transfer assets across multiple chains. They also face major security issues that have exposed DApps and crypto users to malicious attacks in the past. Safle is designed as a decentralized blockchain identity wallet consisting of other Web3 infrastructures that support DApp development and integration with multiple blockchain networks. The Safle ecosystem seeks to solve the existing pains in the digital identity niche, creating a frictionless experience for cryptocurrency users and developers to build on decentralized infrastructures. Dating back to 2019, the primary goal of Safle is to give users back what is rightfully theirs: security and privacy. At the helm is Abhimanyu Kashyap, an MSC Communication...

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