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2022-05-26 14:43:50

Splinterlands Validator Nodes $4M Presale Sells Out In Minutes

Philadelphia, PA - May. 26, 2022 - Splinterlands, the #1 most played blockchain game 10 months in a row, kicked off their sale of validator node licenses at 12pm EDT on Mar 25, 2022 to huge success after the pre-sale sold out within minutes of going live.

The licenses, which are available for public sale currently, allow for users to obtain Splinterlands’ governance tokens, Splintershards (SPS), in exchange for running the free node software in tandem with owning a license. Node operators will earn from a monthly pool of 3,750,000 SPS per month, with 10% of the pool being designated for the top 50-100 node operators who are voted in using a delegated proof of stake system.

The validator node license presale sold out within 11 minutes, which accounts for 2000 license sales. This historic milestone resulted in a burn of ~14.5 million SPS and 1 million vouchers, with ~3.6 million SPS being added to the DAO. This accounted for the equivalent of roughly $4M USD in value. As of the time of writing this, less than 3 hours after the sale went live, ~25M SPS has been burned or sent to the DAO through 2271 node sales.

The licenses are being sold solely in SPS and Vouchers, of which 80% of all SPS will be burned immediately upon a sale and the other 20% will be added to the DAO for the players to help govern. Liam Labistour, the Director of Growth for Splinterlands said “These burn mechanics will put tremendous deflationary pressure on SPS, which will be quite revolutionary of a concept to the blockchain gaming vertical.” He continued that “Splinterlands has been built with the community in mind above all else. The engagement that we have seen by [the community] has been tremendous and we can't wait for them to have a heavy hand in the project going forward as we move towards being truly decentralized.”

For further details on how the nodes, licenses, and future sales work: 

About Splinterlands


Splinterlands is a unique digital trading card game powered by the HIVE blockchain. Each card in Splinterlands is a NFT that can be owned by players and battled with, rented out, or sold at any time. Splinterlands has just hit their 4 year anniversary as a brand and is one of the longest standing blockchain games in the world.

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