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2022-05-13 14:00:14

MetaMetaVerse Drops 5,000 Unique MetaShip NFTs On OpenSea To Facilitate Cross-Metaverse Travel & Other Experiences

The MetaMetaverse team is excited to announce its MetaShip drop on the OpenSea marketplace. The MetaShips are necessary to buy land in Metametaverse later and serve as the world's first cross-chain upgradable non-fungible tokens. 


May 13 - Victoria, Seychelles - MetaMetaverse is dropping a set of 5,000 unique NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace. Every MetaShip has unique traits and properties that will serve distinct purposes in the MetaMetaverse world. The collection's sale will run from May 9-13, and interested parties can pick up a MetaShip for 0.1ETH.


The drop of these MetaShips enables MetaMetaverse to break new ground in the NFT industry. Exclusive space vehicles will let users traverse across different metaverses in the MetaMetaverse ecosystem. Furthermore, owning a MetaShip enables whitelist access for a tier 1 metaverse drop and enables the holder to buy a metaverse in the next few months. 


The MetaShip collection resides on the Ethereum blockchain, although it will be a cross-chain upgradeable collection. Upgrades occur through metametalang commands on Layer 2 solutions, such as Polygon. All token IDs will remain stamped on the Ethereum blockchain for authenticity and proof of ownership.


The MetaShip collection consists of tier types of warships, which can be distinguished from one another by their uniqueness and colors.


  • Common: blue and gray MetaShips (50% of the supply)

  • Uncommon: green, yellow, and red MetaShips (45% of the supply)

  • Rare: black and silver MetaShips (4.54% of the supply)

  • Ultra rare: gold (0.55% of the supply)


MetaMetaverse CEO and Founder Joel Dietz comments:


"MetaMetaverse is the first step to building a spacefaring civilization. The MetaShips are your ticket to getting there. We are happy to see many people signing up and getting their ships."


The upgradeability of MetaShips will affect one's warship's speed and combat abilities. Furthermore, MetaShips enable traversal across different metaverses and serve as a passport for the new virtual society. With a MetaShip, users can access new types of governance types consistent with space-age civilization. 


The future purpose of MetaShips also extends to buying land in the MetaMetaverse and accessing upcoming blockchain games under this banner. Moreover, MetaShip owners can gain access to future NFT rewards and drops organized by MetaMetaverse. 


About MetaMetaverse


MetaMetaverse is a platform for creating your own metaverse built with its own custom language for metaverse creation and interoperability called metametalang. This language allows unique features like creating your own games and fractal zoom to allow you to subdivide and sell your metaverse. Upgradable MetaShips also allow you to explore the different metaverses.


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