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2022-06-15 01:55:06

Exclusive Interview With Bexplus CEO: A Highly Reputable & Customer-centric Crypto Exchange

We spoke with Joe Bennet, CEO of Bexplus, one of the reputable crypto exchanges for Bitcoins (BTC) and altcoins, about the features of Bexplus, Bexplus growth, the target for 2022. The interview is available below.

What Is Bexplus & What Does It Offer?

Journalist: Can you give us a brief overview of Bexplus? Why do we need such an exchange? What makes it different from other exchanges?

Joe Bennet, CEO of Bexplus: Bexplus is a leading crypto derivatives trading platform offering 100x leverage futures trading on various trading pairs: BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, XRP, etc. Bexplus is popular among over one million traders from over 200 countries/regions. In addition, it is safe for being accredited by U.S. FinCEN MSB (Money Services Business). 


The mission of Bexplus is to provide its customers with advanced and effective opportunities for entry-level digital currency investment.

What Does Bexplus Aim For?

Journalist: What is the next development direction of Bexplus? How does this development affect the objective of the global stock market?

As we grow the Bexplus ecosystem, we are constantly improving our existing services and developing new ones, such as 100x leverage, 100% deposit bonus, BTC interest-bearing wallets, demo accounts, mobile support, 7/24 hour one-on-one service in 15 languages, and more. We are driven and empowered to provide a diverse range of services globally, as well as additional services for specific markets.

Joe Bennet, CEO of Bexplus: Bexplus is on the rise, with the goal of lowering the barriers to entry into the industry for users worldwide. This is due to the fact that we are constantly improving our existing operations and developing new ones. We have the drive and strength to expand our services globally and in different markets.

We will continue to improve our diverse product experience and services, ranging from legal tender to cryptocurrency, for our users. Deposits and withdrawals, various transaction options, local languages, community services, and social media connections will all be available.

What does Bexplus offer?

Journalist: What services does Bexplus provide as a cryptocurrency exchange that has received a lot of attention? What are the benefits?

Joe Bennet, CEO of Bexplus: Bexplus provides traders with three tools that make Bexplus a good partner in making money: 100X leverage, a demo account, and copy trading. 


100X Leverage: Maximize Trader's Profit

Offered by platforms, leverage plays an important role in cryptocurrency trading, which serves to maximize the trading profit. With 100x leverage applied, you can use 1 BTC to open a position of 100 BTC by going long (predicting BTC price will be up) or going short (predicting BTC price will be down). If your contract complies with the market direction, you will earn 100% profits.

Demo Accounts: Your Trading Simulator

For users to get familiar with the trading process and test trading strategies to improve accuracy, we offer demo accounts to help traders better familiarize themselves with leveraged trading, Bexplus has launched a trading simulator. There are 10 replenishable BTC in the demo account for traders to practice as much as they like, without taking any risks. You can also learn to analyze the market and use the toolkit with the demo account. 

Copy Trading: Allow Excellent Traders to Earn for you

Rather than staring at a screen and thinking hard all day, it’s better to allow superior traders to make profits for you. With a copy-trade system provided by Bexplus, you can automatically copy other excellent traders' trading. It can be a really valuable portfolio for those who are just starting out in trading, or those who don’t want to dedicate a huge amount of time to manage their trades.


Journalist: What welcome benefits does Bexplus offer to new users in Turkey?

Joe Bennet, CEO of Bexplus: Bexplus provides two benefits for new Turkey users: a 100% deposit bonus and a wallet with 21% annual interest. 

100% Deposit Bonus: More Margin, More Profit

To welcome our new Turkey users, each user is eligible to apply for the 100% deposit bonus. The bonus is not withdrawable, but traders can use it as a margin to open bigger positions and take more profit. Profit made with the bonus is withdrawable. Besides, with a bigger margin, traders’ positions are less likely to get liquidated when there are huge price swings. 

21% Annual Interest Wallet: Up to 21% Annualized Interest

If you want to stop trading for a while and wait for the storm to pass, the Bexplus wallet will be a good way to grow your wealth. Bexplus Exchange has launched an interest-bearing wallet for Turkey traders to hedge against risks. Deposit in the wallet and you can earn up to 21% annualized interest. Interest is calculated on a daily basis, and there is no lock-in date. You can withdraw cash at any time.

The Significant Developments of Bexplus


Journalist: Can you tell us what you are most proud of about Bexplus?

Joe Bennet, CEO of Bexplus: Bexplus has been improving global trading experiences and lowering the barriers to entry into the industry. Since its inception in 2017, Bexplus has served over 2 million users. Bexplus will continue to advance its globalization strategy in order to provide more global users with simple, easy-to-use, and secure crypto services.


Journalist: How do you envision Bexplus in the next three to five years?

Joe Bennet, CEO of Bexplus: Our goal as an exchange that has been in operation for approximately 5 years and has witnessed the ups and downs of the industry is to transcend borders, make users' lives easier, and have a greater impact on the world, making the world of cryptocurrency assets more accessible to all. We will undoubtedly contribute more in the name of centralization and decentralization in the coming years. 


Bexplus empowers investors to win profits on both bullish and bearish markets with its unique features. No matter if you are a newcomer or an experienced investor, Bexplus is the best choice for you to trade BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, XRP, etc. Click here to join Bexplus and earn a 100% bonus now.



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