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Bitcoin Blockexplorer

Bitcoin Blockexplorer

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Block Summary
Block Hash 000000000000000000097fdebed9c640fc30a7d12fc9ee14b0248e9f60f2481a
Previous Block Hash 000000000000000000048f5c52e6d279066fe033e6402bfc9396eb38c4ab9dc1
Merkle Root Hash 8bdb7e83230b0e86d38e9b735bc6548bc19302b1b145bd1d9f357573065da6a9
Block Found Time 5 days ago / August 6, 2022 5:28:04 pm
Block Height 748244
Block Index 748244
Transactions 2461
Bits 386530686
Size 1468470
Version 536936448
Nonce 1210151370

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