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Bitcoin Blockexplorer

Bitcoin Blockexplorer

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Block Summary
Block Hash 000000000000000000017d7e4c15dfb9d04a7f50a8519804bea03ebfc2d91717
Previous Block Hash 00000000000000000002cc4e0833932bf278852d3dd5e0be7bbcbc98148f4d26
Merkle Root Hash 113320c236232d7affd74126cabc9074bfcbcf5f2abb192f597b697f25a6d79f
Block Found Time 2 weeks ago / November 21, 2023 9:59:13 am
Block Height 817772
Block Index 817772
Transactions 3736
Bits 386161170
Size 1824420
Version 1073733632
Nonce 199613133

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