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Bitcoin Blockexplorer

Bitcoin Blockexplorer

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Block Summary
Block Hash 0000000000000000000000705ea4a5b31b366c9919c38933ba162fcfec3c73ef
Previous Block Hash 000000000000000000022e8a883c6bca6d1903714c3bd3b8d31011326c2956e2
Merkle Root Hash 2a7fb3cc6641bf57761dc1133a518ef4d0e26ab6c46bd2b272453c8b4a0c8960
Block Found Time 9 months ago / September 19, 2023 11:15:40 am
Block Height 808408
Block Index 808408
Transactions 2352
Bits 386216622
Size 1458829
Version 541065216
Nonce 359936336

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