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Cryptocurrencies: 4547
Markets: 59874
Market Cap: $871,391,474,103     
24h Vol: $69,941,918,695
1 USDX Stablecoin (USDX) Rank 1217
USDX Stablecoin (USDX) Rank 1217
Website Twitter
3,768,685 USDX

USDX Stablecoin (USDX)

USDX Stablecoin (USDX)


USDX Stablecoin (USDX) Price

USDX Stablecoin (USDX) 24h Vol

USDX Stablecoin (USDX) Market Cap

USDX Stablecoin (USDX) Circulating

Full Name
USDX Stablecoin (USDX)
BTC Price
0.00001423 BTC
BTC Market
54 BTC
BTC 24h Vol
Total Coins Mined
3,768,685 USDX
-0.08 %
-0.91 %
0.26 %


The USDX token is a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar at a 1:1 ratio via a smart contract. USDX is collateralized by the system’s core cryptocurrency, LHT, which refers to Lighthouse Blockchain Technology, the company behind the app. The total supply of LHT is 1B coins, which will be released gradually to the market. Only 5% of the supply will be issued in the first year, while another 5% will be locked on the blockchain to provide 200% collateralization. The benefit of withholding coins is encouraging confidence in LHT owners and potential owners that the value won’t suddenly evaporate if the market becomes flooded.

Full Name USDX Stablecoin (USDX)
Start Date N/A
Algorithm N/A
Proof Type N/A
Twitter @USDXwallet
Facebook N/A
Reddit N/A
Block Number N/A
Block Time N/A
Block Reward N/A
Total Coins Mined 3,768,685 USDX
Previous Total Coins Mined N/A
Net Hashes Per Second N/A

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